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About Mark Stafford

Pastor Mark Stafford served on staff at Canyon Bible Church of Prescott Valley for almost 6 years. He and his wife, Lara, felt called to church planting and Canyon of Prescott Valley sent them to plant a new Canyon Bible Church in the Verde Valley. Mark is a graduate of the Biblical Studies department at Arizona Christian University with highest honors and has served for more than a dozen years in full-time pastoral ministry.

Mark loves music and is an active musician playing electric and string bass, acoustic and electric guitar, & keyboard. He has served with several professional Christian touring groups and has been nominated for a Dove award. Pastor Mark is currently bi-vocational while he plants Canyon Verde. He owns a small printing and design company called Ablaze Media.

When he is not preaching, leading small groups, playing music or designing graphics, you might find him in his F250 cruising around the back roads of the local national forests, cycling with his sons on the streets around the Verde Valley, or running in a 10K. Pastor Mark and Lara have 4 children and have been married for over 15 years.

God’s Gift to Us at Christmas

When God wanted to put His love for us on display, He gave His people a tremendously valuable gift in the person of Jesus on that very first Christmas day.  He delivered His gift to mankind one evening in a stable.  He proved His love for us by meeting our most desperate need with [...]

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When to Leave Your Church

by Lara Stafford      Someone once told me that there are basically only three good reasons for leaving a church.  The first one is if the pastor is teaching false doctrine from the pulpit.  The second is if you move (with the implied understanding that you become part of a local church in your [...]

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How Loud is Too Loud for a Church Service?

Before I was in church ministry, I was a touring musician.  I traveled with a large concert PA system and I played through a “stadium worthy” 1200 watt amp of my own.  I love to play music so loud that it rattles the windows and shakes the platform. There is a raw energy that comes [...]

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An Open Letter from Pastor Mark About the Closing of Canyon Verde

To all of those who have called Canyon Verde Home: As I reflect on the last 4-5 years of planting this church, I realize that we have learned a lot and grown a lot together. We have seen so many people come through our doors and many others who have been blessed by the [...]

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WORTHY: A Survey of the Psalms beginning June 4

ON June 4th, we will begin a 10-week survey of the Psalms. We will be looking at some of the many reasons why God is worthy of our praise. Our prayer is that you grow in your love for and delight in God as you learn more about who He is. It has been said that [...]

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The Significance of Easter

We cannot begin to grasp the magnificence of the pre-incarnate, glorified Christ. Jesus Christ's willingness to step down from the majesty of His heavenly throne to dwell among His creatures is just one demonstration of God's perfect love for us. Christians celebrate Easter because the One who is most exalted came down to the [...]

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Instead of “The Shack,” Read These Books…

Many people are going through a difficult time in their lives and they are looking for ways to deal with their pain.  Recently, many have been running to the book/movie called "The Shack" to discover who God is and why He allows us to suffer.  Unfortunately, instead of offering Biblically solid answers to these [...]

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Letter to the Editor about AZ 1.27 – Published in the Verde Independant

Verde Valley churches step up to help foster families in need Follow this link to check out Pastor's Mark's letter to our community:

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Growing Strong – A 12 Week Study in James

Growing Strong! Starting January 8th, we are going to go through the book of James in a series we’re calling Growing Strong. The book of James offers practical and challenging instruction about how a believer grows in their walk with the Lord.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring a number of key [...]

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