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God is Our Fortress 2017 | Psalm 46, Isaiah 36

Our God’s help is sure and near!  Often in the Bible, the Lord is spoken of as a shelter in the storm or a sanctuary for his people in the midst of their adversaries.  The Bible says that He is VERY PRESENT during our times of trouble.  Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, [...]

The War Against Despondency | Psalm 43, Matthew 26:36-38

The Bible tells us to fight hard against downcast feelings and despondency.   There is a range of discouragement that begins at a feeling of momentary blues over a temporary setback – like Sonic ran out of your favorite ice cream flavor.  It extends through a vast array of more serious, long term issues ranging from bereavement, [...]

God as Shepherd | Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is often used at funeral services.  Many of you know that I am personally working part-time as a graphic designer to support the work of this church.  A while back, I was asked to create a program for a funeral.  An older lady had died and the family asked for a funeral program [...]

Taste and See that God is Good – Psalm 34

God is abundantly good.  The solid fact that God is good is either taught, expressed or implied in nearly every page of the Bible, but few passages in the scripture more clearly and dramatically describe God’s goodness than Psalm 34. In verse 8, David invites us to “Taste and see that the LORD is good.”  Have you ever [...]

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God’s Blessing on Confession | Psalm 32

Nobody likes admitting that they messed up.    Here is a picture of Natalie when she was a little kid. One night for dinner, Lara gave each one of the kids a little bit of cooked spinach to eat as their vegetable.  They were instructed that they were not going to be able to get up [...]

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Biblical Eldership Overview: How & Who | Titus 1:5-9

Senior Pastor Mark Stafford   Recorded at Canyon Bible Church of Prescott Valley on May 7, 2017 Biblical leadership is essential for the ongoing health of a local church.  Because of the events that have transpired on the elder team at Canyon Prescott Valley and because of the [...]

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Financially Strong: Treasuring What God Treasures | James 5:1-6

Senior Pastor Mark Stafford The writers of the Bible and Jesus Himself considered money to be both extremely valuable and extremely dangerous.  Money can bring with it God’s blessing and incredible joy when it is used in the way that God instructs us to use it.  But… it [...]

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Abounding Grace

Christians get really excited about God’s grace.  They write books and sing songs about God’s “Amazing grace.”  Many Christians give their churches and even their children the name “grace.”  This morning’s message is titled “Abounding Grace.” So what is all the commotion about grace? Why exactly is God’s grace so “Amazing?” Ephesians 2 offers [...]

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Strong in God’s Wisdom – James 3:13-18

  Senior Pastor Mark Stafford   This world we live in is a wonderful place and it is a terrible place.  Let me give you an example from what I saw this morning a couple of blocks over in my neighborhood: In my neighborhood this morning I woke up to enjoy the [...]

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The Strength of Fully Trusting God | James 2:18-26, Romans 4:1-22

  Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford   Last week I talked about a story of scandalous grace – the story of Rahab the prostitute.  God’s grace was radical beyond measure!  When God extended grace to Rahab, He reached down into a situation that was so immoral and He poured out so much mercy [...]

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