Attributes of God

//Attributes of God

God is Present and Powerful in the Storms!

God is present and powerful in times of trouble.  He is with us with the power to protect and preserve His people.  God will sometimes allow us to be up against a wall or backed into a corner.  When you can’t go forward or backward or left or right, then there is just one [...]

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God Always Does Things in the Best Possible Way

God’s infinite wisdom tells us that His actions could not be done in a better way than the way He is doing them right now nor could they be improved upon by one of His creatures with the limited amount of wisdom that we possess.  We could never say to God, “You’re doing it [...]

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The God Over Time is Infinitely Wise

When it comes to God, He knows every detail.  He never guesses.  He always knows.  He sees the end from the beginning and He’s present in both places.  He is described as the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end.  (Rev 21:6) God is over and envelopes time and history.  He [...]

The Object of Our Faith is Perfectly Trustworthy

There is a common misconception in the world that saving faith is taking a blind leap into the darkness and just hoping for the best. Some people think that people of faith leave reason at the door and take a leap out into the darkness and pray that Jesus will be there to catch [...]

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Trusting in a God Who NEVER Lies!

The Bible says that God made the heavens and the earth in 6 days by speaking it into existence. This God is a Being with power that is unfathomable and unmatched anywhere else in the universe. This God is the Creator of life and the One who developed the very essence of existence.  We [...]

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Perfection in Faithfulness | Psalm 36

Pastor Mark Stafford   Perfection in Faithfulness | Psalm 36 We live in a culture of half-truths and broken promises. Do you remember the story about George Washington and the cherry tree? At the time of George Washington’s death, a book came out with this story: “When Washington was six years old he [...]

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Present Everywhere | Psalm 139:7-10

Pastor Mark Stafford Present Everywhere | Psalms 139:7-10 Whenever we offer up a prayer to God, there are certain assumptions we make: We assume that God is there and that He’s listening. We assume that God is ready and able to hear us. In a word, we assume God’s “presence.” God’s presence is [...]

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All Power Belongs to God | Psalm 62

Pastor Mark Stafford   All Power Belongs to God A Study on God’s Omnipotence as seen in Psalms 62 God’s power is both infinite and undiminishing. His power is displayed in creation, but His creative works only give us a glimpse of the power that He possesses.  We could think of His works [...]

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Our Reliable God in an Unreliable World | Psalm 102

Pastor Mark Stafford Our Reliable God in this Unreliable World A study on God’s immutability from Psalm 102   Many people are concerned about the changes happening right now in our country. Some of you are patriotic and care very deeply for this great country of ours.  As people who are both Americans [...]

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