When to Leave Your Church

by Lara Stafford      Someone once told me that there are basically only three good reasons for leaving a church.  The first one is if the pastor is teaching false doctrine from the pulpit.  The second is if you move (with the implied understanding that you become part of a local church in your [...]

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WORTHY: A Survey of the Psalms beginning June 4

ON June 4th, we will begin a 10-week survey of the Psalms. We will be looking at some of the many reasons why God is worthy of our praise. Our prayer is that you grow in your love for and delight in God as you learn more about who He is. It has been said that [...]

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The Significance of Easter

We cannot begin to grasp the magnificence of the pre-incarnate, glorified Christ. Jesus Christ's willingness to step down from the majesty of His heavenly throne to dwell among His creatures is just one demonstration of God's perfect love for us. Christians celebrate Easter because the One who is most exalted came down to the [...]

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A Better Pursuit – A Verse-by-Verse Study Through the Beatitudes

It’s Better To Gain Heavenly Rewards! It is better to gain great heavenly rewards than anything else this world has to offer.  All other enjoyment is for a moment, but the pleasures of God are forever. On Sunday August 21, Canyon Bible Church of Verde Valley will be beginning a new series titles “A Better [...]

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