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God’s Infinite Worth | Psalm 73

  Introduction Who is Asaph? Asaph is credited with writing this psalm. Asaph was a very public figure in the temple. He was the “Chris Tomlin” of his day. Asaph was a musician that served as a worship leader in the temple during the reign of King David. He was maybe better described as the [...]

The God Who Blesses – Psalm 67

  Introduction American Dream: I was raised in a culture that believes in the American dream. The American dream is the idea that anyone through hard work and dedication can achieve success and prosperity. You might come to America as a maid with $5 in your pocket, but if you work hard enough cleaning hotel [...]

God is Our Fortress | Psalm 46, Isaiah 37

  Introduction Terrorist in our town What do you think people would do here in Cottonwood if there was one terrorist loose here in our town? If one guy managed to set off a couple of car bombs or I.E.D.’s and the police couldn’t find him? Here’s what I think would happen: People would stay [...]

God as Shepherd | Psalm 23

  Introduction Psalm 23 is often used at funeral services. Many of you know that I am personally working part-time as a graphic designer to support the work of this church. A while back, I was asked to create a program for a funeral. An older lady had died and the family asked for a [...]

Confident Prayer | 1 John 5:14

  Introduction How long do you think you can hold your breath? 30 Seconds? A minute maybe? Most Navy seals can hold their breath for about 2 ½ minutes. After extensive training, a small number of people in the world can hold their breath for over 10 minutes. Even the most skilled and best trained [...]

Delighting in God’s Word | Psalm 1

  Introduction Blessed Right away, in this passage, David addresses an issue that is high on everybody’s priority list. It is an issue that is high on my priority list. This is an issue that consumes the hearts and minds of most people – including myself. He addresses an issue that affects the decisions we [...]