Monthly Archives: January 2015


Allegiances Matter | Romans 7: 1-6

  Introduction   I have a healthy respect of high places.  Some might say that I am afraid of heights.  I don’t like standing too close to the edge of the Grand Canyon.  I hate rock climbing, I detest high rope courses and I don’t even like going up on my roof.  The [...]

Freedom and Slavery | Romans 6: 12-23

     Introduction Some of you are here today and you are wondering if anything that I say this morning will make any difference in the real world. Recap We ended last week with the exhortation to get our minds right.  If you are a follower of Christ, you have been transferred from spiritual [...]

Considering Ourselves Alive in Christ | Romans 6:4-11

Introduction Let’s say I wanted to do a complete restoration of my wife’s 2001 Dodge Caravan. (I know that right away you're thinking, why would you ever want to restore a 14 year old minivan, but for the sake of the illustration, just stick with me.) So let’s says I banged out the [...]

Newness of Life | Romans 5:20-6:4

  Introduction   There are five words that you never want to hear from your mechanic, your plumber or your doctor:  “It’s worse than I thought…”We used to own a GMC Jimmy and it was in pristine condition.  It was well-maintained, it was fully loaded, it had low miles and we didn’t drive [...]