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Authentic Spiritual Living | Romans 8:4

  We apologize, there is no audio available for this teaching. Introduction This is a mid-1980’s Ferrari Testarossa. If you were interested in buying one of these classic sports cars, it is fairly common to find one that has been well-cared for, sitting inside a garage, in excellent condition, with low miles for about $100,000. [...]

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God Alone Destroys Sin | Romans 8:3-4

  Introduction I have in my hand here a list of the Ten Commandments. Many people today would assume that as long as they are keeping the Ten Commandments vigilantly, they have a right relationship with God. I’m going to explain this morning that this belief falls far short of the biblical truth, [...]

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No Condemnation | Romans 8: 1-2

  Introduction Last weekend, several news agencies reported that a man named Bruce Davis was becoming eligible for parole. Who is Bruce Davis? Bruce Davis is a known follower of cult leader, Charles Manson. He had been convicted of two first-degree murders. One in the late 60’s and another in the early 70’s. Additionally, police [...]

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