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Biblical Eldership Part II – An Elder’s Job | John 10, Acts 20, Titus 1, I Timothy 5

  Introduction When the Bible speaks of the role of an elder, it often speaks in agricultural terms. If we are to understand the role of Biblical elders and the purpose of their work, we must understand the Biblical image of a shepherd tending to the needs of his flock. The Bible often [...]

Biblical Eldership Part I | Titus 1:5-9

  Introduction Biblical leadership is essential for the ongoing health of a local church. Behind the scenes, here are Canyon Verde, we have been working with a couple of men and we are about to install our first elder team. That elder team will consist of myself along with Al Crownoble and Brian [...]

Our Calling to Plant a New Church in the Verde Valley

In 2012, my wife, Lara, and I decided that we were in a really comfortable place in our lives and was time to begin stepping out on faith.  We wanted to take some bigger risks for the sake of the gospel.  We wanted to be in a position that was so on the edge that [...]