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FIGHT for Family Discipleship | Genesis 2, Ephesians 6

There is no audio available for this teaching. Pastor Mark Stafford   Many of you are concerned because marriage and the traditional family are becoming less and less important in our culture. There is a systematic deterioration of the family unit. It is being redefined, ridiculed, and in many cases, tossed aside. Is marriage worth [...]

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FIGHT for Your Marriage | 1 Peter 3

Pastor Mark Stafford   Introduction My parents are both believers and when I was a kid, they went through a long and difficult divorce. Lara’s parents are also divorced. Before them, my grandmother went through a difficult divorce as well. Statistically, Lara and I should also be divorced by now, but by the [...]

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Kept by the Love of God | Romans 8:38-39, Acts 16:16-25

  Introduction Our text today is well illustrated by a narrative found in Acts 16. Please turn in your Bibles with me to Acts 16 and keep your place in Romans 8. In Acts 16, we find Paul and Silas setting off on what’s often referred to as the Second Missionary Journey. Paul [...]

God’s Love: Never Earned and Never Ending | Romans 8:37-39, Luke 18:9-14

The last two verses of Romans 8 end with a staggering statement about God’s love. Verses 38-39 crescendo to a final chord proclaiming that nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God.  Nothing! The foundation for this biblical truth is briefly mentioned at the end of verse 37. Last [...]

A Response to the Easter Attacks on Christians in Pakistan

On Easter Sunday, news came from Pakistan that a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device filled with nuts, bolts and ball bearings.  The explosion killed at least 72 people and injured well over 300 others in a large park in the Pakistani city of Lahore.  The explosion was set off near the main gate of [...]

Over-Conquerors | Romans 8:37, Esther 2-7

  Introduction Keep a finger in Romans 8 and turn in your Bible to the Book of Esther. We’ll pick up the story in chapter 3. Leading up to chapter 3, Satan had used a man named Haman to put together a scheme to destroy God’s people. Haman had manipulated the political system [...]