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The Object of Our Faith is Perfectly Trustworthy

There is a common misconception in the world that saving faith is taking a blind leap into the darkness and just hoping for the best. Some people think that people of faith leave reason at the door and take a leap out into the darkness and pray that Jesus will be there to catch [...]

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Trusting in a God Who NEVER Lies!

The Bible says that God made the heavens and the earth in 6 days by speaking it into existence. This God is a Being with power that is unfathomable and unmatched anywhere else in the universe. This God is the Creator of life and the One who developed the very essence of existence.  We [...]

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Evidence of Saving Faith

Jericho had been standing there for hundreds of years.  It was fully fortified.  Its inhabitants thought that it was invincible.  But Rahab heard God’s word through those who had been traveling through town. One theologian commented, “The people in Rahab’s time who most frequently used such houses of prostitution were traveling merchants.  From them she [...]

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The Strength of Fully Trusting God | James 2:18-26, Romans 4:1-22

  Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford   Last week I talked about a story of scandalous grace – the story of Rahab the prostitute.  God’s grace was radical beyond measure!  When God extended grace to Rahab, He reached down into a situation that was so immoral and He poured out so much mercy [...]

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Instead of “The Shack,” Read These Books…

Many people are going through a difficult time in their lives and they are looking for ways to deal with their pain.  Recently, many have been running to the book/movie called "The Shack" to discover who God is and why He allows us to suffer.  Unfortunately, instead of offering Biblically solid answers to these [...]

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The Vital Strength Of Praying Parents | Romans 8:26-34, Matthew 7:11, James 5

  When I was a kid, I had a friend who had an obnoxious little brother.  When he didn’t get his way, he started to scream.  When I say scream, it wasn’t your typical little kid throwing a fit, but he would scream so loud and so hard that he would literally [...]

Seeking the Best Interest of Others

Love seeks the best interest of others.  Love is built upon serving another person without expecting anything from that person in return.  God sees our works and HE blesses us accordingly. Consider Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:2-4, “2 “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in [...]

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The Big Strength of Small Faith – James 2:18-26, Joshua 2

  Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford Rahab is a story of scandalous grace.  I don’t mean God’s grace was immoral.  I mean it was radical beyond measure!  With the grace God extended to Rahab, He reached down into a situation that was so immoral and He poured out so much mercy on Rahab that [...]

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Words Have the Power to Destroy

Back in 2002, a lady riding a quad got lost just outside of Payson, Arizona.  She spotted a helicopter and tried to start a signal fire to get the pilot’s attention.  Her fire burned wildly out of control.  The small signal fire she had set in the morning grew and burned over 2,000 acres [...]

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