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Financially Strong: Treasuring What God Treasures | James 5:1-6

Senior Pastor Mark Stafford The writers of the Bible and Jesus Himself considered money to be both extremely valuable and extremely dangerous.  Money can bring with it God’s blessing and incredible joy when it is used in the way that God instructs us to use it.  But… it [...]

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Abounding Grace

Christians get really excited about God’s grace.  They write books and sing songs about God’s “Amazing grace.”  Many Christians give their churches and even their children the name “grace.”  This morning’s message is titled “Abounding Grace.” So what is all the commotion about grace? Why exactly is God’s grace so “Amazing?” Ephesians 2 offers [...]

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The Gospel is REALLY Good News!

In Ephesians 2:4-7, Paul explains how we are made ALIVE, how we will ASCEND to heaven and how we will ACQUIRE the eternal riches of God’s grace – all because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  God in His sacrificial and sovereign grace reached down into our utter helplessness to help us when [...]

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The Significance of Easter

We cannot begin to grasp the magnificence of the pre-incarnate, glorified Christ. Jesus Christ's willingness to step down from the majesty of His heavenly throne to dwell among His creatures is just one demonstration of God's perfect love for us. Christians celebrate Easter because the One who is most exalted came down to the [...]

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God Always Does Things in the Best Possible Way

God’s infinite wisdom tells us that His actions could not be done in a better way than the way He is doing them right now nor could they be improved upon by one of His creatures with the limited amount of wisdom that we possess.  We could never say to God, “You’re doing it [...]

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Standing Strong Against Worldliness | James 4:1-6

Senior Pastor Mark Stafford “Whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”  This verse is a warning that demands our most urgent attention because you and I are in danger of being lured in by the false promises of pleasure from a God-ignoring, fallen [...]

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