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Why is hospitality such a big deal in the Bible?

Hospitality in the Roman culture was not just throwing a good party.  It was often a matter of life and death.  Because of their faith, Christians were being forced from their homes and fired from their jobs.  They often had no one to turn to except for the church. Material goods were in short [...]

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Biblical Eldership Overview: How & Who | Titus 1:5-9

Senior Pastor Mark Stafford   Recorded at Canyon Bible Church of Prescott Valley on May 7, 2017 Biblical leadership is essential for the ongoing health of a local church.  Because of the events that have transpired on the elder team at Canyon Prescott Valley and because of the [...]

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Jesus Uses Humble and Zealous People

Jesus looked for humble people who had a genuine zeal for God – regardless of their background.  Jesus looked for people with potential and passion.  He often used unpolished people who were willing to be shaped and molded into His image.  Jesus chose from the ranks of faithful workers and not necessarily form the [...]

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