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Real Fellowship is Hard…. and That’s OK

By: Lara Stafford Lately I have been struggling to understand the concept of fellowship. Our church leaders have put together Koinonia groups. In practice, these look a lot like the small groups most churches have. We meet together once a week to discuss the Word. We share meals together. We pray for each other. We talk [...]

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Being a Vital Part of a Church Family Begins by Showing up… Often

Becoming vital at church begins with walking through the door on a regular basis.  People who place a high value on their spiritual lives also place a high value on gathering with God’s family.  They are determined to show up.  Partners in the gospel don’t just come when they feel like it or when [...]

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A Vital Church Defined

Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford     A Vital Church Defined On and off I’ve participated with a local cycling club, a group of guys who meet a few times a week to ride road bikes.  They head out on the road together and ride 15 or 20 miles.  [...]

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People Who Pray are Vital to the Body of Christ

Prayer prompts God to do things in the lives of His people that He may not have otherwise done.   The whole of Scripture tells us that God hears and answers the cries of his people.  The Bible stresses the great importance of asking Him what we need both in this life and for eternity.  [...]

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