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Pastor Mark Stafford served on staff at Canyon Bible Church of Prescott Valley for almost 6 years. He and his wife, Lara, felt called to church planting and Canyon of Prescott Valley sent them to plant a new Canyon Bible Church in the Verde Valley. Mark is a graduate of the Biblical Studies department at Arizona Christian University with highest honors and has served for more than a dozen years in full-time pastoral ministry. Mark loves music and is an active musician playing electric and string bass, acoustic and electric guitar, & keyboard. He has served with several professional Christian touring groups and has been nominated for a Dove award. Pastor Mark is currently bi-vocational while he plants Canyon Verde. He owns a small printing and design company called Ablaze Media. When he is not preaching, leading small groups, playing music or designing graphics, you might find him in his F250 cruising around the back roads of the local national forests, cycling with his sons on the streets around the Verde Valley, or running in a 10K. Pastor Mark and Lara have 4 children and have been married for over 15 years.


The Bible explains that in addition to being present everywhere, God can be present in different ways or He sometimes acts differently in different places within His creation. Sometimes the Bible speaks of His presence in a way that simply means that he is actively present to sustain his creation.  Theologians sometimes refers to [...]

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What is the difference between Iniquity, Sin and Transgression?

Psalm 32:1-2 says “Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. 2 Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.” “Transgression,” “Sin,” and “Iniquity” are rarely used words in our language and culture.  Let me take a minute to define them as they would [...]

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Psalm 1 starts with these four words: Blessed is the man… Psalms was originally written in Hebrew.  The Hebrew word translated “Blessed” (Esher) can also be translated as “happy,” but the connotation of the word “happy” is not the same as the word “blessed.”  Translating it as “happy” can be confusing. The word (Esher) [...]

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God is Present and Powerful in the Storms!

God is present and powerful in times of trouble.  He is with us with the power to protect and preserve His people.  God will sometimes allow us to be up against a wall or backed into a corner.  When you can’t go forward or backward or left or right, then there is just one [...]

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Anchored to the Word Instead of Blown by the Wind

4 The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away. Psalm 1:4 When it was harvest time in Israel, the wheat and the dry, scaly casings of the seeds called chaff would all be mixed up together.  The farmer would take the grain and throw it up into the air and the [...]

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Blessedness is not found in worldliness – Psalm 1:1

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked... It is a very popular practice today  for believers to gather counsel from a number of conflicting sources.  I’ve seen people in the church face a trial and begin to call up all their friends – both Christian and non-Christian – in order [...]

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WORTHY: A Survey of the Psalms beginning June 4

ON June 4th, we will begin a 10-week survey of the Psalms. We will be looking at some of the many reasons why God is worthy of our praise. Our prayer is that you grow in your love for and delight in God as you learn more about who He is. It has been said that [...]

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