Words Have the Power to Destroy

Back in 2002, a lady riding a quad got lost just outside of Payson, Arizona.  She spotted a helicopter and tried to start a signal fire to get the pilot’s attention.  Her fire burned wildly out of control.  The small signal fire she had set in the morning grew and burned over 2,000 acres [...]

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Words have the Power to Direct People Toward Christ

When someone asks a practicing Christian for their advice, that believer has a responsibility to the scriptures.  If we begin our advice with the phrase, “well the Bible says…” we better make sure the Bible actually says what you think it says.  You and I both need to be careful not to mix our opinion [...]

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Our Words Demonstrate Our Spiritual Health

A transformed nature will produce transformed behavior.  When someone embraces Jesus as Lord, He begins to transform every part of that person’s life from the inside out.  Their new life in Christ results in their whole life reflecting the righteousness of Jesus more and more every day. The scriptures clearly call each one of [...]

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