The Church is Vital to You

Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford The Church is Vital to You We love to have things personalized.  Take a cell phone for example:  People personalize their phone cases, wallpaper, and ring tones.  They download apps to make the phone best suited for their personal needs.  A cell phone really [...]

Sheep, Shepherds, & the Local Church

God intended for His people to worship together, not just individually! God’s purpose in gathering a people is not only to have them relate to Him on an individual level, but to form those individuals into a people, a race, a nation, and a priesthood dedicated to His purposes. Holy-nation-building was God’s purpose for [...]

Laodicea: Materialism Gone Wrong

Laodicea was a very prosperous, ancient town in Asia minor (modern-day Turkey).  It sat at the intersection of major roadways and controlled trade on the river that flowed through it to the seacoast.  Its prominent position made it one of the wealthiest commercial centers in the ancient world.  Even from the ruins, you can see [...]

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He’s Lived All Our Yesterdays AND All Our Tomorrows

God exists outside of time and can be at any point in time at any time.  He is the God over time!  Sometimes the scripture puts God’s relationship with time in terms we can grasp.  For example, the four creatures around God’s throne in Revelation were declaring day and night, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God [...]