Five Encouraging Truths About God’s Omnipresence

The presence of God is a great comfort to godly people.  Here are five implications of God’s omnipresence for His people. #1 When we are greatly tempted, God does not leave us – Romans 8:31-34, Psalm 14:5 Ephesians 6 mentions Satan’s fiery darts.  The assurance we have is that not only does God give us the shield [...]

He’s Lived All Our Yesterdays AND All Our Tomorrows

God exists outside of time and can be at any point in time at any time.  He is the God over time!  Sometimes the scripture puts God’s relationship with time in terms we can grasp.  For example, the four creatures around God’s throne in Revelation were declaring day and night, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God [...]