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The Church is Vital to You

Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford The Church is Vital to You We love to have things personalized.  Take a cell phone for example:  People personalize their phone cases, wallpaper, and ring tones.  They download apps to make the phone best suited for their personal needs.  A cell phone really [...]

Becoming Vital at Church

Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford Becoming Vital at Church |Philippians 1:3-14, 2 Timothy 2:1-3, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 2:3-8, 1 Corinthians 8:1-4, Hebrews 13:17   Church isn’t something you go to, it’s something you belong to.  Going to church is not supposed to be like going to the movies.  A church service is [...]

A Vital Church Defined

Sr. Pastor Mark Stafford     A Vital Church Defined On and off I’ve participated with a local cycling club, a group of guys who meet a few times a week to ride road bikes.  They head out on the road together and ride 15 or 20 miles.  [...]

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A Christmas Communion Message

The Gospel of John takes a different approach than the traditional way the Christmas story is told in the other Gospels.  He begins his book by saying this: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Instead of putting the story of Christmas with the shepherds and angels [...]

God’s Gift to Us at Christmas

When God wanted to put His love for us on display, He gave His people a tremendously valuable gift in the person of Jesus on that very first Christmas day.  He delivered His gift to mankind one evening in a stable.  He proved His love for us by meeting our most desperate need with [...]

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Glory to God, Peace for Men

  Glory to God, Peace for Men Luke 2:1-14, Romans 5:1-11   Let me show you four of the earliest known drawings of Jesus Christ:         Alexamenos graffito – 1st to 3rd century: This image is carved in plaster on a wall in Rome [...]

Biblical Eldership Overview: How & Who | Titus 1:5-9

Senior Pastor Mark Stafford   Recorded at Canyon Bible Church of Prescott Valley on May 7, 2017 Biblical leadership is essential for the ongoing health of a local church.  Because of the events that have transpired on the elder team at Canyon Prescott Valley and because of the [...]

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